Woodfield to DMX : Three little bits

Set off from Woodfield in sunshine along Spinney Lane and onto the Salterns path into Chi. 11.6km this way as a more roundabout back street way into the city than along the canal. Slow 15km/hr owing to rough surfaces, pedestrians and twisty bits. 

Train went via Hove and Haywards Heathrow rather than the old Horsham way. Good space for one bike, cramped if a second one gets on.

Then from Victoria Station to King’s Cross, long walk to get out of the station thence via Westminster to pick up the cycle superhighway along embankment to Blackfriars and onto a north south one up to Farringdon & King’s Cross. The superhighways seem good – isolated from the adjacent traffic and wide enough (unlike cycle “lanes”) so although a slightly longer route at 11.2km seemed fast at 17km/hr.

Train to Arlesey good but no special bike spaces at all, have to cram them in the doorway and leap up at ever stop to switch sides as the platform changes sides. Pissing single down at Stevenage, but sun out again by time we get to Arlesey.

Arlesey to DMX is 11.2km by the back way through Cliftonville and Ireland. Pushed on a bit into the head wind on the flat to try and get average speed above 20km/hr. In the event just pulled it back to 20.1km/hr on the final 500m through the village. 33mins.

Tomorrow the real event begins with a 35km half day to Buckingham – maybe ?