Day 20 bis – Downhill from here

Well after that the last 10km to Agde passed like a dream through the coastal hinterland of scrub and dunes and holiday camps of chalets and caravans closed till next season and bits of farm with odd vineyards and animals including poneys (sic) put out to rest in scrappy enclosures until a new crop of riders appear and tatty looking amusement parks with tall rickety rides visible from afar and gocart and quad tracks delineated by mazes of tyres in the dusty scrub and, of course, the canal. 

Agde had some windblown pink umbrellas tangled in overhead wires and hundreds of Altiliers de la Perle Noire workshop/shops. All sorts from print makers to stone carvers but none of them dealing in black pearls as far as I could see. Some sort of generic marketing ploy, but interesting as you could wander in to most of the workshops to admire the crafter at work before buying a sample of herhis wares.

Agde also had this of course:

Seem to have saved the days stats somewhere I can’t get at them but it was 117 km, and I think the rolling speed was 19.something km/hr. More detail available when I get home and I can also upload the GPX tracks to prove it (to myself)