This site is about my cycling – commuting, day rides for pleasure, short and longer holiday tours.

There are specific categories for my Release Into the Wild ride to celebrate my discharge from paid employment in Sept 2017, the 2015 Pedal to Paris blog is archived here, and there is a follow-up ride from Paris to Bonn for COP23 in November 2017.

There are also some details of previous rides, bikes I have owned, and more general stuff.

Previously I have tended to keep a paper log of touring rides – scribbled illegibly in notebooks of an evening and then forgotten (often the last couple of days are missing). As I find them in boxes of shite that I keep I might transcribe edited highlights as archive blog entries – we shall see…

The intention now (starting with Release Into the Wild) is to use a tablet for mavigation and post blog entries in the evenings – we shall see…

RCO July 2017