It’s been a while…

Finally, for the first time since returning from Bonn, I managed to get back on Genie. Despite the best intentions I didn’t even get the trainer set up in the conservatory – mostly the excuse was that I was about to be laying the new floor there. And it does seem to have been a very wet winter so every time it wasn’t raining I had more pressing tasks at field or boat. 

Anyway finally today the sun shone and Jane and I went out for a short loop around to the north. Through Dutson, up the Tamar valley a bit, then the climb past Werrington to Ladycross and along the B road to the Countryman. Where, of course a refreshment break came naturally.

Was slightly puzzled by the lack of customers for the carvery until I noticed that the gps clock I was using was still set to Paris time. 

The haunch of venison looked good but we had had a good brekky at home, and anyway all tables were booked, so onward to North Petherwin to visit Lorna.

Then back by way of Egloskerry and Underlane. 25km at a gentle pace, but the legs still seemed to work ok so that was good. 

The plan now is to ride over to visit Mum in mid April. Should be doable in 4 days averaging 90km/day, but might need a bit more practice first. Jane has to be in Bristol for Rowan then so it will be a solo trip. Hopefully we’ll get a week together somewhere a bit later. 

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  1. I would like to record that I would never even consider eating venison. Jane.?

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