These pictures just arrived in the pigeon loft:

The man in the water has been identified as RogerCO, 65, of Lanson in CornWallLand. He was last seen three weeks ago when he left home saying “booger working, I’m off for a bathe. Boode be a bit parky though and still full of them bothersum emmets.” 

Madame Unitendifed German Tourist who took the main picture said something incomprehensible about a towel. 

The bicycle is believed to be called Genie, travelling in company with Miss OSM and a posse of French Tarts who have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. 

The other picture shows that Portiragnes-Plage does indeed have fewer emmets than Crooklets. 



  1. Wot – only up to the knees? surely nothing less than full immersion required!

    But, seriously, Congratulations – much more than I achieved at 65 – or much younger.

    1. Genie is adverse to salt water (and sand come to that) but I certainly did go in. Surprisingly cold, seemed colder water than a nearby beach in June, but I did it!

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