Deadman’s Cross to Exeter: Prologue

Set off from Launceston to drive to Exeter in a torrential downpour but had eased for the brief ride to the station. Met on the platform by a GWR staffer who arranged to have the front luggage  compartment unlocked since I was changing at Westbury – a better service than getting to Westbury and finding the cycle wagon is off the platform (as happened before). Gold star for GWR. ?   Continue reading “Deadman’s Cross to Exeter: Prologue”

Day 4 : Bristol to Compton Dundon

69.7km at a rolling average of 15.1km/hr. Left Bristol at 12:05 arrived at 17:45 Lower average speed owing to several walking bits where the Strawberry Line cycle path was closed for waterworks and where I found myself on a lumpy muddy clay footpath – thanks Ms Osm 🙁 . Weather some sunshine and very heavy showers.

Oh and yes I did actually have to get off and walk one very short very steep hill that I attacked wrong somewhere around Wedmore. Continue reading “Day 4 : Bristol to Compton Dundon”

Day 5 : Compton Dundon to Exeter

97.5km in 6hrs 29 mins in the saddle giving a rolling average of 15.0. Departed 09:15 and arrived back at the car 17:20 so 8hrs total. Weather basically grey and dry with occasional very light drizzle but never enough to even feel on the face.

Should have been a fairly straightforward long day but turned out the the section from Cullompton to Exeter had brutal never ending hills which knocked the average speed right back. Continue reading “Day 5 : Compton Dundon to Exeter”