BR4P 2021 Day 2 Swindon-Oxford

We had failed to think much about breakfast this morning until late last night, a google search had hinted that there might be some early cafes in a shopping street near the hotel so we drank all the tea in our room and left promptly to investigate.

Sure enough there was a Greggs open at 8, so we were able to get something dubious and wheel our way back to the morning gathering in Regents Circus to munch them. Where we found Euan who revealed that he had managed to book a hotel buffet breakfast on arrival yesterday which he had found adequate if expensive.

A soggy start
Morning Assembly was marred by both the weather which produced a light rain, and some jobsworths who had descended to declare that what looks like a public space is in fact private property. Sod that, its ours now. (although we didn’t create a confrontation as there were deemed to be more important issues at stake – at least they were just occupying land and not bombing us.)

Out of Town
A devious route to avoid the A420

An excellent rest stop

Through the Countryside

Lunch near Abingdon

Up the river with pedals not paddles

Into Oxford en-bloc

Reception speechifying – some very good

Food at the East Oxford Community Centre

A welcome Travelodge

Stats & Track: