Deadman’s Cross to Exeter: Prologue

Set off from Launceston to drive to Exeter in a torrential downpour but had eased for the brief ride to the station. Met on the platform by a GWR staffer who arranged to have the front luggage  compartment unlocked since I was changing at Westbury – a better service than getting to Westbury and finding the cycle wagon is off the platform (as happened before). Gold star for GWR. ?  

Connection from Westbury just made after asking the driver to open the luggage compartment door. Very overcrowded train (2 coaches instead of usual 3) so had to turf 3 people off the flip seats and move some giant cases to get my bike in – not so good GWR ?

No rain at Chi so set off for a flat 10.0km at 17km – some slightly rough/slow surfaces on the paths. 35mins hardly qualifies as a ride.

This evening been doing some route planning for R2W and some days coming out at over 120km – have to be fitter then carrying the same weight. That would be 7 hrs pedalling, plus a couple of hours for breaks. Let’s see how we go next week.