A partial list of significant-to-me rides more than a day or so long that I have done (and those currently in planning or being dreamed about). There are probably others I have forgotten. 

1979 : Wardle Rd to Willows with Jane
1989 : Lower Fore Street to Taunton solo
1995 : Roscoff to Le Conquet loop with Katy
2005 : Roscoff to Saint Brieuc to Roscoff loop with Jane
2005 : Around Mailhac-sur-Benaize with MikeT
2010 : Cherbourg to Coutances to Countances loop with Jane
2011 : Mailhac to Soulac-sur-Mer with Jane
2011 : Taunton to Tyn-y-Groes solo
2015 : Belgium and Germany by van and bike with Jane
2015 : Pedal to Paris – Truro to Paris with Ricky, Euan & Ewan
2016 : Roscoff to Carhaix-Plouguer to Roscoff loop with Jane
2016 : The North East by van and bike with Jane
2017 : Bristol to Hereford to Bristol loop with Jane
2017 : Deadman’s Cross to Exeter solo
2017 : Release Into the Wild – Launceston to the Med. solo
2017 : On to Bonn – Paris to Bonn with Euan & Ewan
2018 : The Big Ride for Palestine – Coventry to London with Jane & Euan

Planned and Dreamed:

Rhine – Danube
Iron Curtain Trail
Circuit of Ireland