First outing of the year

The sun was shining, the afternoon was free, time to unhitch Genie from the turbo trainer, and get out there.

It was ok, legs still working, gears still all ok, front brake a bit soft. Only a short one without a  load (although I did forget that I has nearly 2kg of D-lock strapped to the rear carrier).

Just a brief run up to St.Stephens, down through Langore and over the Ottery, up to North Petherwin and back round home again by way of Werrington and Ridgegrove Lane.

Hit bottom gear a few times on the climbs. Dropping down into the Tamar valley the sun had dipped below the hill and lost its heat and I was glad of my windproof good blue cycle top – shout out to the techs in psychology – almost wished I had my gloves with me too.

Only 20.2km and the rolling average 13.2km/hr which seems pretty low with no load, although it was a hilly choice for a first ride of the year. Still, it’ll get better…