The ride that didn’t happen.

Today I was supposed to get home having spent last week riding over to visit my mother and then most of the way back with some train sections to speed me along.

However circumstances took control and the plan was stillborn. I got as far as finding the accommodation along the way and planing the route – which interestingly looked hillier than most days in France, Belgium & Germany last autumn – but never actually booked it.

Ca Va

It’s been a while…

Finally, for the first time since returning from Bonn, I managed to get back on Genie. Despite the best intentions I didn’t even get the trainer set up in the conservatory – mostly the excuse was that I was about to be laying the new floor there. And it does seem to have been a very wet winter so every time it wasn’t raining I had more pressing tasks at field or boat.  Continue reading “It’s been a while…”

Off Again

Here we go again. Genie and I off on another adventure. This time we are riding from Paris to Bonn and you can follow along at

There are three of us cycling and we’ll all be writing bits so we have a dedicated site for this project. We are going to the UN Climate Conference which is happening in Bonn – much more about the whys and wherefores at

Today we set off from Truro Cathedral, tonight we are on the ferry to France, tomorrow a short ride to Morlaix and a train to Paris. The ride proper starts on Monday.

Do join us at and follow the adventure.