After yesterday’s exertions decided to repeat the North Petherwin-Werrington loop from a month ago to see how I’m doing.

No wind, overcast, not cold.  But I did leave the 2kg of D-lock behind which might have made all the difference.

20.2km again, but this time with zero stopping time and a moving average of 17.0km/hr. It is actually only about 250m of ascent so somewhat less hilly than yesterday.

The Road to London

Here’s the first draft of the route from Falmouth to London with proposed stage towns. Anyone stumbling across this during Feb/March and interested in joining or joining up other rides or doing something in one of the stage towns should contact me by phone/text on 07736 741268 or email rogerco at riseup dot net. If you are part of XR and coordinating a ride you should be aware of the RebelRiders project on basecamp – or email me.

Stage towns: Falmouth depart 8th April, Lostwithiel or Liskeard or Bodmin 8th April, Launceston 9th April, Barnstaple 10th April, Taunton 11th April, Glastonbury (lunch) 12th, Frome 12th April, Newbury 13th April, London 14th April.

First outing of the year

The sun was shining, the afternoon was free, time to unhitch Genie from the turbo trainer, and get out there.

It was ok, legs still working, gears still all ok, front brake a bit soft. Only a short one without a  load (although I did forget that I has nearly 2kg of D-lock strapped to the rear carrier).

Just a brief run up to St.Stephens, down through Langore and over the Ottery, up to North Petherwin and back round home again by way of Werrington and Ridgegrove Lane.

Hit bottom gear a few times on the climbs. Dropping down into the Tamar valley the sun had dipped below the hill and lost its heat and I was glad of my windproof good blue cycle top – shout out to the techs in psychology – almost wished I had my gloves with me too.

Only 20.2km and the rolling average 13.2km/hr which seems pretty low with no load, although it was a hilly choice for a first ride of the year. Still, it’ll get better…

Off Again…

Yes! Finally we are planning to get back in the saddle. The Winter is over, I’ve taken Genie out of the turbo-trainer and another ride with the Climate Vision riders is in planning.

This time we are part of the Rebel Riders of the Ecopocalypse and the plan is to ride from Falmouth, Cornwall to London to arrive for the week of disruptive action from April 15th with Extinction Rebellion. Continue reading “Off Again…”