To get some idea of the situation of the Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Strip consider this bit of fictional future history…

Donald Trump, having dealt with the blacks and the hispanics and refused to concede the election turns his attention to the next group to get the blame for all the troubles of his time – the Irish Diaspora in the USofA.

After much trouble and persecution the Irish-Yanks demand a catholic homeland – Ireland won’t have them  because they are now seen as Americans not Irish and Ireland has ditched its religious ties. Continue reading “Gaza-on-Tamar”

BR4P 2021 Day 4 Luton-London

Full house – now we are 250
After breakfast of yogurt, jam tarts, grapes and tea we collected bikes and assembled for the Grand Depart one last time. Various messages from Palestine were read out, together with the usual notices from the redoubtable Owen and Ceinwen. A few more were joining for the final day and we were now up to full strength at 250 riders, bedecked in Palestinian colours (Black, White, Red and Green). Continue reading “BR4P 2021 Day 4 Luton-London”