It’s been a while…

Finally, for the first time since returning from Bonn, I managed to get back on Genie. Despite the best intentions I didn’t even get the trainer set up in the conservatory – mostly the excuse was that I was about to be laying the new floor there. And it does seem to have been a very wet winter so every time it wasn’t raining I had more pressing tasks at field or boat.  Continue reading “It’s been a while…”

Off Again

Here we go again. Genie and I off on another adventure. This time we are riding from Paris to Bonn and you can follow along at

There are three of us cycling and we’ll all be writing bits so we have a dedicated site for this project. We are going to the UN Climate Conference which is happening in Bonn – much more about the whys and wherefores at

Today we set off from Truro Cathedral, tonight we are on the ferry to France, tomorrow a short ride to Morlaix and a train to Paris. The ride proper starts on Monday.

Do join us at and follow the adventure. 

Day 23 – Mallemort to Le Beausset

Time for the final push. Looking at the route options this looked quite different from the flatlands of the west or the rolling countryside of the north. Worse than the Eden Wiggle event that defeated me a few years ago with Sian. (she was far from defeated but kindly stuck with her DaD).  Continue reading “Day 23 – Mallemort to Le Beausset”

Day 22 – Beauvoisin to Mallemort

Beauvoisin was interesting. A workers town for the factories of Nimes, the fields around and the big saline extraction facility to the South that uses a drilling rig to extract rocksalt deep under the vineyards by dissolving it in water and sucking up the saline solution to pump 30 miles to the company’s (Kem One – look ’em up, you’ ve probably got some things made of their product) PVC manufacturing plant on the coast.  Continue reading “Day 22 – Beauvoisin to Mallemort”

Day 20 bis – Downhill from here

Well after that the last 10km to Agde passed like a dream through the coastal hinterland of scrub and dunes and holiday camps of chalets and caravans closed till next season and bits of farm with odd vineyards and animals including poneys (sic) put out to rest in scrappy enclosures until a new crop of riders appear and tatty looking amusement parks with tall rickety rides visible from afar and gocart and quad tracks delineated by mazes of tyres in the dusty scrub and, of course, the canal.  Continue reading “Day 20 bis – Downhill from here”


These pictures just arrived in the pigeon loft:

´┐╝The man in the water has been identified as RogerCO, 65, of Lanson in CornWallLand. He was last seen three weeks ago when he left home saying “booger working, I’m off for a bathe. Boode be a bit parky though and still full of them bothersum emmets.” 

Madame Unitendifed German Tourist who took the main picture said something incomprehensible about a towel. 

The bicycle is believed to be called Genie, travelling in company with Miss OSM and a posse of French Tarts who have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. 

The other picture shows that Portiragnes-Plage does indeed have fewer emmets than Crooklets. 


Day 20 – Carcassonne to Agde

Stayed in a nice small modern house on new estate with view of both the Medieval City and the football pitch where last night the local lads were playing to much cheers and boos from a small but dedicated crowd. Carcassonne is about the size of Truro in population, and has a similar connected feel once the emmets are mostly gone.  Continue reading “Day 20 – Carcassonne to Agde”